This week I wanted to give you some productivity tips. There are tons of alternate browsers available outside of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and if you’re committed to a particular browser, you might not want to switch unless you have a strong incentive. But, the two alternate browser options below have something special about them that might just win you over. Check these out, and give them a try. You’ll be glad you did!


A Chromium-based browser for web developers.

Blisk is used in all phases of web development: prototyping, development, testing and bug fixing.

Product Managers and designers that create prototypes, and the developers of the world, will appreciate Blisk. This browser is designed specifically for them. Unlike other browsers, Blisk was created to build the web.

This browser enables to build your website on desktop and mobile simultaneously. It has set of pre-installed phones and tablets with specific screen resolution, pixel ratio, user agent and touch event support. There is also a scroll sync feature, which synchronizes URL and scroll position for mobile and desktop. Page auto-refresh feature enables to refresh pages automatically every time you modify the code. The analytics feature is particularly unique; this browser will automatically monitor the code quality of a particular web page. If you’re a developer, Blisk is definitely worth giving a try. Developer tools now are available for both mobile and desktop simultaneously. Making this a great web browser for product managers and their team members.

Get Blisk here now!


A Chromium-based browser for productivity junkies.

Ghost Browser is helpful for QA testing, social media managers, community managers, and entrepreneurs. Ghost Groups lets you isolate cookie jars into color-coded tabs so you can run multiple sessions with different accounts on the same website. As you can imagine, this is extremely useful for product managers, developers, designers, social media managers, QA testers, and more. It’s almost like “Chrome on steroids.” One of our favorite use cases? If you manage multiple different social media accounts, you can now stay logged in to all of them at one time without needing to switch accounts. A must-have for tech professionals that want to make their Internet experience more efficient, making Ghost a great web browser for product managers and their teams, too.

The developers of Ghost Browser are working toward implementing a ‘Projects’ feature which will allow you to save a set of groups and tabs to a Project, then load them all up with one click when you are ready to do some seriously productive work.

Get Ghost here now!