9 People Skills for Product Managers

As a Product Manager, you’re the expert in your product, your market, your customers and your competitors. Yet, despite your expertise you find yourself struggling with internal stakeholders, design, schedules, feature prioritization, pricing, messaging, or product strategy. While some of this struggle is natural (you work with smart, opinionated people who each hold a piece of

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Product Managers Are Using Technical Debt Wrong [Video]

So, you think you know what technical debt is? You might not! This video with Doc Norton and DZone's John Esposito explains what technical debt really is and how you and your team should be thinking about it. Over time many Product Managers have started to adopt an incorrect definition of what technical debt is, and believe

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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

Hooked is a handbook for designing habit-forming products, and Nir Eyal explains how to ensure that your product gets (and remains) deep underneath the skin of users, providing you with practical steps how to replicate this habit-forming magic for your own company throughout the book. After reading this book, I can’t decide whether I’m more

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