Some of you may have already heard about Hardbound, but many of you may have not. But Hardbound is a new form of media — designed for your phone. And I absolutely love it! And today they’re introducing something new: “The Nightcap”.

What is Hardbound?

Before introducing you to their latest addition, let me tell you a little bit about Hardbound. Hardbound is a great way to learn about science, history, business, and culture. The team puts everything they’ve got into making one awesome story every week. Their stories have a unique format. They’re visual, interactive, and animated. Overall, a great way to learn as a reader or to tell a story as a company.

After refining their craft for over a year now, they’ve produced 18 original stories that have attracted over 56,000 readers.

Some of Hardbound's stories.

Some of Hardbound’s stories.

Why Hardbound?

About a year ago Joe Nguyen and Nathan Bashaw left their jobs because they wanted to explore a question:

What if books were designed for screens?
In other words, what would it look like if, instead of creating with print in mind and exporting to an ebook (which is what authors and publishers do today) you started from scratch, and created a fundamentally new book experience that is designed for the screen, and takes advantage of everything computers can do?

However, in the following months they quickly learned two lessons:

  1. books take forever to create.
  2. if your stories aren’t book-length, and if it’s not just a bunch of words, you probably shouldn’t even call it a “book”.

Now they’re on a mission to create a new form of storytelling that makes you feel awesome, and creates a super-high-bandwidth connection between your phone and your brain.

Introducing “The Nightcap”

The Nightcap is a visual roundup and a neat summary of the day’s most important news, sourced from hundreds of top journalists, delivered every weeknight at 8pm EST. The October 24 edition can be read on your Android device or you can download the iOS app here.

Screenshot of "The Nightcap"

Screenshot of “The Nightcap”