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Regardless of whether you’re a newbie PM or a veteran in your field, staying up to date with current blogs is a great source of inspiration and learning. Having a good resource list in your tool set is a must. It’s like always having your own network of smart experts to consult with. You can almost always find a helpful tip or insight to help you with your daily dilemmas, when you have diverse and high-quality resources to follow. Are you preparing for your first user research interview? There’s a blog for that. Are you getting ready for your first PM interview? There’s a blog for that. Just feeling kind of “stuck” today? There are many blogs for that too. One of the really awesome things about the PM community is the degree to which knowledge-sharing has become second-nature. However, as a result there are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of product management blogs out there. The problem is that it’s a full-time job by itself to follow all of them. So, how do you know which ones are worth checking out? The trick is to know the focus of each blog and ‘consult’ it’s content depending on your needs or what you want to learn. So, to help you out, we decided to compile our favorite product management blogs. To not overwhelm you with new sources, we will share our product management blogs compilation one category at a time with you, in this series.

NOTE: this is not a complete list. There are some great sites we ended up having to leave on the table—at least for now. And, obviously, there is overlap between these buckets. Most influencers are educators, and most of our favorite Medium writers are influencers, as well. These categories are intended as a loose guide, not pigeonholes. We’re planning to update this list frequently, so let us know if we forgot an essential entry!

To help parse the sheer volume of PM writing out there, we’ve organized this list into categories. And to make it more useful, I also added a short description of the focal point for each blog and added a blog post I think showcases their style, so you can easily choose the ones that will benefit you the most.

The Best of Medium

  1. John Cutler
    John Cutler is a prolific Medium contributor and an awesome source for fast tips. We love his light-a-fire-under-your-ass inspiration. Oh, and he recently published amazing pictures of his 100-day doodle challenge.


  2. Matt LeMay
    Matt LeMay is the guy who revamped that totally over-shared product management Venn diagram, and that’s a big reason we like him. Another reason: his blogs are actually helpful and fun to read. He doesn’t just talk about how to be a product manager, but how it feels to work in product.


  3. Brandon Chu
    Brandon Chu writes fun, personal posts based on his experiences working for companies like Shopify and Freshbooks. We really appreciate his frank tone and in-the-trenches anecdotes. Plus, he’s Canadian.


  4. Ellen Chisa
    Even though she has only been writing on Medium for a short time, Ellen Chisa has been blogging since 2002. In 2016 she migrated her public WordPress posts to Medium. Ellen, VP of Product @ Lola, has gained a strong following for her insightful writing on some the challenges associated with working in both product and tech, including career frustration and issues of gender diversity.


  5. Alvin Hsia
    Working as a Product Designer @ Airbnb, Alvin Hsia writes about Product Design. Here’s for example what Alvin has learned in his first year as a Product Designer.


  6. Jess Ratcliffe
    Every (other) week, Jess grabs coffee with an awesome woman working in product, and publishes their conversation on Medium. “Coffee with …” is the name of Jess Ratcliffe’s blog-series, where she interviews badass PM’s over coffee. You can read all interviews on her Medium blog, but starting November 1 she also started publishing the podcasts on SoundCloud.  . A great way to (vicariously) get to know your product heroes.


  7. Bo Ren
    Tumblr’s Bo Ren uses Medium to chart her personal journey in product management — but with a caveat: “This is not a how-to guide.” Bo’s writing exemplifies a growing trend in the PM community. Often pointing a spotlight on issues of diversity, she doesn’t just talk about how to develop a PM skill set, but rather offers a series of essays and critiques on the field itself.


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